May 28, 2016
Fubar Nightclub


Feat . Scott Masterton , Felix Sax, Jonny Ruiz , Kunal , Jonny A.

The past year has been a bit of a crazy roller coaster as FUBAR SATURDAYS confirmed its place as one of the best saturday night hot spots in Scotland . And this is down to each and every one of you , each and every Saturday. What a turn around in one year.

GBX , JAMES HYPE , SAM DIVINE , PAUL GANNON , THE VIEW , GAZ GEORDIE SHORE to name a few past and present.

This time were going all out , throwing everthing at our 1 year celebration , looking back to our highlights of the year. The rundown and memories are phenomenal.

★ Scott Masterton and Felix the sax cat. Remember that saturday we had a 5 minute power out? Then Scott and Felix blast out Flower of Scotland and Loch Lomond to around 900 people? You boys absolutley nailed it , your on the roster.

★ Jonny Ruiz & Kunal. The anchor in our ship. Two of scotlands most popular DJ’s in their respective fields. Our residents have paved the way for us , you guys have earned your slot. Drinks on us boys. S/O to Jonny Allan , newest member smashing up VIP , Tech house all the way.

★ Co2 Cannons , UV Cannons , Conffetii Cannons , Lazer shows , Birthday Decor , Birthday Cake and much more.

★ Cheeky wee giveaway to be announced , if you like things cheesey your in for an absolute belter.

More to be announced for this night. Joing te guestlist for £6 entry before 12. Vks £1.90 , Beers £1.90 , Bombs £1.50.

The Fubar Barmy Army are having a PARTY . Fubz!