The Malia Project – It’s Danny T and the Full Malia Crew
January 21, 2017
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We are turning Fubar into a warehouse party. Malia Theme. This is gonna be insane.

Co2, Warehouse Décor, Malia’s Biggest DJ, Central Scotland’s Biggest DJ, Visual Party.

IT’S DANNY T the main man on the Malia Scene is coming to Fubar making his first Scottish debut with us transforming the club for one of the best-frozen beach parties Fubar has had. With his tracks being played as far as the Australia and the United States Danny is becoming an international sensation with him going from strength to strength in 2015. If the rumours are true he is said to be one of the best student crowd DJ’ in the UK.

Check out one of his latest tracks right here with over 250,000 plays so far –