Shapes presents Ivan Kutz (Platform 18)
June 2, 2017
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Line up: Ivan Kutz + more tba

Tickets avaiable soon!

Ivan Kutz a rising star from Glasgow. Ivan has been DJing for quite some time and has started to make a big name for him self.
Mainly through his own Platform 18 events to where he has hosted talents such as Bella Sarris, Cassy, tINI & Slam to name but a few….

This July Ivan will be hosting his biggest event yet with none other than Jeff Mills and Gary Beck + more…. Check out Platform 18 Facebook Page for more details!

Through his own parties, he has expanded his DJing credibility having DJ’ed at Glasgow’s techno party PRESSURE & earlier this year he also played at Nic Fanciulli’s ‘Social Festival’ you can also find Ivan at this year’s Terminal V event in Edinburgh.

Now starting his own record label ‘Platform 18 Records’ the world is now at his feet. Expect big things in the future for Ivan!