Shapes presents Roy Mclaren (Here To Hear Music)
March 24, 2017
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Tickets £5
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Roy McLaren (Here To Hear Music)

A spirit with over 20 years of experience in both producing and djing, Roy McLaren has followed his natural passion and talent to create his own style of house music.

Driven by his desire to create and play music, Roy has stuck firm in his quest for originality and has striven to keep everything and everyone moving with him on his journey.

With releases on some of the worlds finest labels, DJ support for his tracks from the global elite, and vast dj experience throughout Europe and the UK, Roy’s soul is immersed in house music – and people are starting to notice.

An exceedingly talented and gifted producer, with a flair for creating soulful, energetic uplifting house that comes from a vast knowledge of musical theory.

A natural gift for performance both in the studio and in the DJ booth combined with years of practice has brought individuality and depth to Roy’s music. It can always be recognized by its refreshing, intricate grooves combined with rich melodies – always a satisfying listen.

Every new project is different but with something that shows his style – consistency for the natural flow of the groove, and his adept skill for a clinical delivery – a love for house music that is absolute.

With the launch of his new label ‘Here To Hear’ and some of his best work to date due in 2017, Roy continues to push his craft forward to new levels of excellence.